The E-llum Filter system operates by acting selectively and dynamically on its ability to be traversed by specific fluids in well-defined electromagnetic driving conditions./strong>

This characteristic makes it potentially suitable for a multitude of uses, first of all dynamic selective filtration.

This use makes it potentially suitable for being an active element capable of modifying the stoichiometry of a gas mixture, thus changing its state on an energetic level.

This behavior could in turn be effectively used to activate specific and innovative cryogenic thermodynamic cycles, in which heat is extracted also by actively exploiting the entropy variations of the system instead of being limited to the only enthalpy contribution.

In this perspective, it is necessary to select and / or create specific mixtures of fluids (gases and liquids, perhaps even in unstable equilibrium with their solid phases) capable of reacting effectively to the driving conditions of E-llum Filter and of course to yield and absorbing heat under appropriate temperature and pressure conditions.

The innovative mixture of gas that realizes the cryogenic thermodynamic cycle must therefore be considered an integral and essential part of the E-llum Filter system when this is applied to heat removing.  

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