The Design of E-llum Filter has been studied with the aim of being able to benefit from further advantages in its conditions of use.

Specifically, for example in the case of the use of E-llum Filter in the field of automotive refrigeration, the need to guarantee lightness, compactness, silence and above all the need to work correctly in a mobile environment subject to “apparent forces” consequent to the acceleration of the vehicle, an extremely different situation from that of stationary operation for the refrigeration of environments and industrial processes. Every construction detail of the entire system is designed to offer safe use even in accident conditions and long-term performance stability. The choice of materials used, as well as for compliance with the homologation regulations in force in the specific fields of use, was also made taking into account the global environmental impact of the system. The design of each component, both static and dynamic, has also been studied with the aim of guaranteeing maximum reliability, rewarding structurally solid solutions instead of cheaper but less reliable alternatives.  

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