A new concept of Dynamic Filtration: an electromechanical device.

The E-llum Device is the electromechanical device that incorporates the essential elements for the operation of the E-llum filter system, first of all the electromagnetic field emitters and absorbers (also sensor, safeties and others).

It consists of an articulated structure compatible with the presence and use of electromagnetic fields and pressurized fluids at temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to + 90 ° C.

It includes passive and active intrinsic safety systems and realizes its operation through the refined balance of multiple internal by-pass circuits, which place the different phases of the filtration cycle in the correct ratio between them.

The E-llum Device can allow the housing of a large number of E-llum Filters, placed in series and in parallel with each other, so as to guarantee, through multiple enrichment stages, possibly parallelized and possibly driven in differential mode, a optimal management of the processing of the fluid passing through it.

The device itself also includes an electronic power board and an electronic control system.