Changing specific materials properties giving them new life means.

To functionalize means to provide something with a function; the term is known in organic chemistry as the action aimed to add a functional group to a compound.

E-llum filter is a special filter that has to be functionalized in order to acquire the ideal characteristics to accomplish the dynamic function.

The filter functionalization needs the deposition, atom by atom, of specific materials with a perfect and strong adhesion. Actuallly it exists a thick range of method to deposit atom by atom and respect the E-llum base conditions. In lab, E-Wenco has created a special industrial process of the E-llum Filter and now it needs to create a special industrial process that can recreate the same lab conditions with lower impact. 

E-wenco has investigate the actual process to deposit materials:

  1. In PVD coating deposition, a material (the target) is brought into the vapor phase to reach the surface of the object to be coated (said substrate) on which to condense forming the so-called film.
  2. Sputtering, cathode arc and thermal evaporation (often simply called metallization) are the main methods used at industrial level and differ in how the constituents of the vapor phase (atoms and ions) are extracted from the target and the energy given to them.

The choice of one method rather than another is dictated by the properties to be obtained, in terms of compactness, adhesion and color of the functionalized filter, and by the type of material to be deposited

This atom by atom mechanism of deposition, in addition to improving the of the functionalized filter, allows the use of a wide range of materials to coat various kinds of substrates, e.g. metal, plastics, glass and ceramics, differently from other technologies that are limited to few types of metals.

Therefore E-Wenco decided to involve in the project, the best company that could provide a new E-llum deposition process.