E-llum filter is the heart of the technology that makes the system work and consists of an electromagnetic field emitter coupled to an electromagnetic field absorber with exclusive features.

It is an innovative object that arises from the application of the basic principles of the E-llum E-llum electromagnetic induction technology and that allows to create a selective interaction that can be controlled at will, with a fluid that tries to cross the filter.

This in fact can be made more or less permitting the passage of specific components of a possible mixture of fluids that attempt to cross it, with the result of being able to choose which and how and when many components to pass, without having to alter the nature of the filter itself and without having to replace.

By varying the essential characteristics of the inductive electromagnetic field produced by the emitter, it is possible to vary the characteristics of selective permeability of the membrane which constitutes the filter itself

In addition E-llum filter can vary its ability to filter selectively with extreme rapidity, limited only by the response times of the control electronics and by the physical laws of the diffusion of fluids, allowing the creation of extremely dynamic, reactive and capable systems to pursue processes, even in alternating phases of a pulsating or impulsive type.

E-Wenco, Innovation without complexity

E-Wenco is an innovative start-up company, founded in June 2015, offering solutions based on magneto-chemical and physical properties of the materials. E-Wenco srl is the sole owner of the E-llumTechnology.

The E-Wenco team comes from various backgrounds: innovation, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, chemical engineering, metallurgy, intellectual proprierty law, strategy, international and prototyping.

E-Wenco won the Phase 1 Smes Instrument for AC System, based on E-llum Technology.

E-llum Technology is an innovative and ground-breaking technology that works on intrinsical magneto and chemical characteristic of the materials.

E-llum Technology is patented and currently  in use to produce heat, thermal flashs and energy transportations with higher efficiency than traditional systems.