New Heat Pumps

E-llum Dyn Filter Device is a new «Thermal Compressor» that can substitue the usual rigeneration bed in absorption heat pumps.
  • Greener;
  • Energy Saving;
  • Wasted energy consumption;
E-llum heat pump vs traditional heat pumps:
Absorption heat pumps are alternative technologies to electrical driven heat pumps. They are composed by: evaporator, absorber, generator, heat exchanger, condenser.
E-llum Absorption heat pumps
E-LLUM DYNAMIC FILTER DEVICE replaces the “passive” of current absorption refrigeration systems with an innovative “active” system based on a dynamic filter device
Energy saving, environmental friendly, Temperature control in absorption refrigeration system, Compact (vs actual absorption refrigeration system)

Steps of our work

We work efficiently with the great bulk of services

Thermodynamic cycles
We will study the best thermodynamic cycles that enhance E-llum Dynamic Filter performances, keeping the actual absorption heat pumps components.
Testing the adsorbent condition
We will set the different «mode» or working conditions to replicate the theorical and defined thermodynamic cycles.
Validation of refrig performnces
We will create the first E-llum absorption heat pump and we will validate the features.

Why choose E-llum Dynamic Filter?

DEVICE is an alternative solution to limited energy sources and environmental problems.

The new Era

Adsorption heat pumps have a distinct advantage in their ability to be driven by relatively lower temperature heat sources as well as not involving any moving parts in the refrigerant cycle which means minimal maintenance and more durability. E-llum Dynamic Filter give total control and greener working medium to promote the new Era of Adsorption working pumps.

  • Lower working temperature;
  • Total control;
  • New working fluids (greener);