Dynamic filtration

E-llum Dyn Filter Device is a new generation of ACTIVE FILTRATION SYSTEM that works under electro-magnetical and catalyzed conditions.

It provides special and specific working conditions and can offer several and different outputs just changing a single electrical parameter.

  • Greener;
  • Energy Saving;
  • Wasted energy consumption;
The E-llum filter is composed by:
A device that includes a special filter operating under electro-magnetical and catalyzed conditions. The device is extremely selective and programmable.
Power Board and controller
A power supply with integrated microcontroller that allows to define and set the ideal working conditions
Dynamic Filter Software
A special software that shows and save selective filtration outputs (conditions, results,…) and notes any kind of data (errors, successes…). The Software could be integrated with a Know How management system
Working specific fluids
For particular applications, they provide the best efficiency and working conditions

Steps of our work

We work efficiently with the great bulk of services

Device Design and prototyping
We will study the best device that could be applied to different kind of lab instruments.
Testing in two EU Universities
We will test the device performances in two EU Universities in order to acquire the right set points of the E-llum Filter device.
We will validate the features of the E-llum Filter Device and we will start to design new industrial processes.

Products and processes

E-llum Filter Device has already dimonstrated that it is possibile to change the working condition of the normal filtration.
Our goals are to improve the actual processes in producing fluids or to create a new Era of processes (e.g. Ac System).

Challenges is our passion

The possible preparation techniques of chiral compounds are investigated in ever widening fields of research; it is a great challenge to find a simple, inexpensive and economical of a given chiral compound separation according to the demands of the industrial production or drug discovery. The goal is to find the E-llum Filter Device conditions that could separate different molecules as:
  • Chiral molecules;
  • Drugs;