The original project

E-Wenco srl is an innovative start up company based in Gallarate (Italy) that has investigated the possibility to use its own and patented technology (E-llum technology) in filtration field. In 2017/2018 E-Wenco has applied and won H2020 SMEs Instrument phase 1 for a new Ac System for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The result

During the H2020, E-Wenco has deepened the project, creating all conditions (technical, productive,…) to turn the concept in a proof of concept. The proof of concept has shown the effect of E-llum Technology in filtration processes: born E-llum Dynamic Filtration

The project now

The proof of concept has shown the high potentiality of E-llum Technology in filtration field. E-Wenco has consolidate the partnership with producers, applicants and customers to turn the project in products.


E-llum Dynamic Filter allows to set your best filtration condition just switching different modes on.
  • Mode 1: 17% gas A passes, 0% gas B
  • Mode 2: 17% gas B passes, 0% gas A
• Gas A (Mode 1)
• Gas B (Mode 2)

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    Frequently asked Questions

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    What is E-llum Dynamic Filtration?
    During a common dynamic filltration the collected solids on the filter media are continuously removed, mostly with a tangential flow to the filter medium (cross-flow filtration, a standard operation with membranes as a filter medium. E-llum Dynamic Filtration means different filter permeabilities without changing the filter.
    How E-llum Dynamic Filter works?
    E-LLUM DYNAMIC FILTER SYSTEM is a new generation of ACTIVE FILTRATION SYSTEM that works under electro-magnetical and catalyzed conditions.
    What are the advanteages?

    The advantages are many:
    Energy saving, Cost saving, Best controll, Process automation, New product development, Fewer risks,…

    Where could be applied E-llum Dynamic Filter?
    In any cases you need to change the fluid (liquid, gases…) compositions without changing the filter.